Doctor or Carabinieri

I listened as long as I could… but when it touches you, you must go into battle with ignorance.

He wanted us all to be doctors or police, so we wouldn’t have lives filled with uncertainty, always praying for a good harvest. So we wouldn’t suffer bone-chilling cold or scorching heat, skin burnt and hands already sarthriticat 40

A new tractor and some workers mean less exposure to cold and heat, and technologically-advanced gloves and electric pruning shears help ward off arthritis.  

But not in the cellar there you have to plunge your hands deep into the pomace, judge its consistency, fill your nose with its fragrance, taste the tannins between your teeth.

Because wine is like a child and you have to know its life from the inside.

I wanted to change the world, as his generation did, but I only managed to change my own life for the better.

The great contribution of wine over the last 20 years, of the wine of the true winegrower, is not to make us any longer embarrassed about our rough, stained, ugly hands.